Call Sign: Redemption

Call Sign: Redemption

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Series: Away From Keyboard (#7)

Tropes: Second Chance, Political Thriller, Friends to Lovers, Found Family

re·demp·tion: the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil

Five years ago, I did what the CIA ordered me to do: Fire a shot that changed four lives, including my own. I had to do it. Kill my best friend turned traitor. But I broke his sister Dani’s heart—for a second time.

Now she needs me to take her to Venezuela, the place that almost ended me. Returning there could finish the job, but I’m the only one she trusts to get her in and out alive. Besides, I’ve never been able to refuse her anything.

When I discover that my birth father is being held in The Crypt, a hell hole for Venezuelan political prisoners, I smell more than just a Pulitzer-worthy news story. It’s personal. My editor refuses to let me go without a bodyguard. And if my only option is Trevor, the man I never wanted to lay eyes on again? So be it.

I should have expected our fiery passion would flare up, hotter than ever. I just never expected to uncover the kind of secrets that could destroy everything we both hold dear.


All books in the Away From Keyboard series are standalones, but past characters make appearances in later books!

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Customer Reviews

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This story zigs and zags in the best way

I was so engrossed in Trevor and Dani's story in Call Sign: Redemption, that I moved right into the first book in the Rouge series to read Austin Pritchard's story, that I forgot to write this review.

This story had me on the edge of my seat. As Trevor and Dani seem to be on track to find each other again the story zigs and then zags and I held my breath the whole way. Yes, this is a romance book with a promised HEA but Patricia had me wondering if this would be the exception to the rule. Once again I am so glad I decided to follow this group of 'beautifully broken' individuals from the beginning.


I absolutely loved this book. I wanted Trevor’s story since he was introduced in On His Six. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Five years ago Trevor took his last shot under command of the CIA. The shot that changed his life irrevocably. He k*lled his best friend. Now, five years later the only woman he ever loved and the sister of the friend he m*rdered asks for his help. She needs a bodyguard to accompany her to one of the most dangerous countries in the world, Venezuela. He can’t refuse her. On they go.

Through the series of unfortunate events and problems Trevor and Dani heal other. Dani finally ones up to him and he in turn too. They are very good for each other. The chemistry and passion between them is very strong.

Overall I loved this book very much. If you’re a fan of romantic suspense then you’re definitely going to love it.


Audiobook Review:

Aiden Snow, the voice of Trevor, is a narrating wizard. No word of a lie. I would be perfectly content to listen to this man read the phone book for hours on end. In learning that he has voiced almost all of the other AFK books, I'm eager to revisit those as well.

And Grace Grant truly brings to life one of my favorite female characters that Eddy has written, as she fully embodies Dani's spirit in every word.

Original Review:

While we've met Trevor in previous novels, we quickly learned of a defining moment in his career as a CIA operative and got an idea as to what led him to joining Dax and the others at Second Sight. While most of the guys on Hidden Agenda/Second Sight teams exude quiet strength, Trevor comes equipped with the perfect dose of dark humor that will have you smiling and shaking your head at the man in equal measure.

Dani, a close connection from his past, resurfaces and needs his help in a mission that - no word of a lie - had me glued to the page. I loved Dani. She is fierce, confident, stubborn and perhaps a little willfully ignorant of danger. While I'm obviously not hopping planes to foreign countries for front pages, I saw a lot of myself in her resilience day to day. No spoilers, but the phrase "you're always okay" comes up several times, and her response (not necessarily verbatim) that "you need me to be okay, so I am" spoke volumes to me personally.

This book was everything I expected it to be. We still got to see the team - the family - we've grown to love over the past novels, and once again got the message that, whatever the situation, whatever the danger, this family they've created from their own broken pieces is anything but fractured.

Ashley 0214

Trevor is a quiet one. He likes to keep to himself however it is good for him to interact with people. I think he finds a good balance.