In Her Sights

In Her Sights

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Series: Away From Keyboard (#2)

Tropes: Damaged Hero, He Falls First, Blind Date, Geek Romance, Found Family


The moment I woke up from brain surgery, I knew I was screwed. Too off balance, too slow, too broken to ever again claim “situation normal.” Now I spend my free time—I’ve got a lot of it—coding apps and avoiding the world.
Until my friends set me up.
Everything about Inara is so gorgeous I forget my own name, much less how to form coherent sentences. I’m not looking for love, but maybe it’s time to live a little dangerously.


I’m the best damned sniper in the country. But after a mission gone wrong, I have to find a way to pack my scattered emotions into a stronger box before they destroy me.
My friends think they’re doing me a favor by playing matchmaker. I can’t deny there’s a spark with Royce that quickly flares into an inferno. But when my past catches up with me, it’s a stark reminder I shouldn’t trust my heart to anyone. Because if I lose everything, I won’t be the only one going down.


All books in the Away From Keyboard series are standalones, but past characters make appearances in later books!

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Customer Reviews

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Audiobook Review:

Grant Grace, without a doubt, makes the concept of 'fierce female' sing from the page. She perfectly captured the sass and strength behind Inara's words, even in her most vulnerable moments.

Together with Aiden Snow as our Royce, the two of them have brought new life to a book I've read, and enjoyed, many times over, from the very emotional scenes as they feel each other out, Royce's difficulties, and all of the very steamy scenes inbetween.

Original Book Review:

Following right on the heels of the events of the first book, Inara must handle the guilt of seeing a fellow soldier fall, and Royce must learn to cope with the effects of a stroke following the surgery to remove the tumor threatening his life. Together, they help each other manage the "flaws" within themselves that are mostly invisible to those on the outside.

It isn't common to find characters like Inara in print (and those onscreen tend to be either caricatures of themselves or men's fantasies made flesh instead of *real* badass women), so it was refreshing to see such a fierce female veteran that also had a softer, feminine side. She's scared of nothing when on the battlefield, but just like the rest of us, she's scared of caring for another person she may lose. She manages to find a kindred spirit in Royce, the gruff former CO we met in Breaking His Code, and watching them reluctantly fall for each other while fighting their own demons made for an intriguing burn throughout the suspense of the story.

While the first book certainly had a fair sense of mystery to it, In Her Sights had a whole lot of action tossed in with that. I also found the heat between Royce and Inara to be undeniably hotter than that of Cam and West in BHC.

It's a quick and thrilling read, and because Eddy writes characters and events that are so alive on the page, it's very easy to get swept away in it all. She is easily one of my favorite authors, and every book she writes simply tops the last.

While this could be read as a standalone, book one in the series is free, and the characters from that book spill over into this and the rest of the series, so I'd certainly recommend diving into that one first.

Charmaine Pennington
Hard to put down!

Absolutely perfect! I was sucked in right away. The prologue gave the right amount of background. I like to have some insight into major characters before I jump into a book.

Inara lives with the guilt of a recent op. Losing a teammate leaves her questioning her ability to continue as a sniper. “Breathe, believe, act” is the mantra she lives by, but it’s not enough to heal her soul from the guilt.

Royce's difficulties as a stroke survivor are portrayed realistically. Kudos to Patricia Eddy for writing his speech pattern into his conversations. He’s vulnerable yet capable in many ways that you would not expect. Delving into the history of his recovery added to the plot.

Inara and Royce have issues, but it doesn’t stop them from burning hot and heavy. The intimacy between the two is very physical. They are equally matched in their desires. There’s no doubt that they are physically and emotionally attached to each other.

There's a lot packed into the plot, but it's not too much. The story moved along, and now I want to know more about all of the characters.

I completely enjoyed the story. I’m excited to read the rest of the series.

Ashley 0214

Royce is a very strong-willed man his story is very touching. Absolutely amazing story.