Protecting His Target

Protecting His Target

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Series: Away From Keyboard (#9)

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Mistaken Identity, Secret Identity, Disgraced Hero, Instalove, Found Family

After a stint in the Irish Defense Forces, I drifted. No purpose, no place I felt truly at home. Until I joined Second Sight, Boston's leading security and protection firm. It's more than a job. It's a family. One I don't deserve. One of these days, they'll see through my sarcasm and bravado and realize I'm just a screw up.

My first solo assignment? Hunt down a trained assassin and stop her. Whatever it takes. But the more I learn about Zephyr, the more I wonder if there's more to this case than meets the eye.

I was set up by the only family I've ever known. On the run, always looking over my shoulder, unable to trust anyone. Until I land in Boston, searching for the one man who can clear my name. The only other person to ever escape the Strauss Cartel.

I should have known I was walking into a trap. My only hope of survival? Convince the Irish hunk holding me at gunpoint I’m not the person he thinks I am.
And wonder what it would be like to kiss him.


All books in the Away From Keyboard series are standalones, but past characters make appearances in later books!

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Audiobook Review:

Both Will Watts and Sofia Lette are new narrators to me, but that didn't deter me from desperately wanting to listen the moment I could get my hands on this audiobook. While I have many 1-click authors, the only time I know I'm guaranteed to enjoy an audiobook is when it's one of Patricia Eddy's. The narrators are always impeccably cast, and with a wide range of accents, emotions and action-packed material to wade through, they hit the mark every single time.

Will Watts hit all the right notes with a swoon-worthy brogue that I could honestly listen to all day. He perfectly conveyed Ronan's constant struggle between doing what was expected versus doing what he thought was right. Alongside him, Sofia Lette has quickly become one of my favorite female narrators, by packing all of Zephyr's sass and vulnerability into each and every line. Her broken yet stubborn strength was so clear during the climax of the story, and as a listener, it was impossible not to get swept away.

Original Review:

Protecting His Target was a thrilling read, very much in line with the *very* tall bar set by the other novels in her Away From Keyboard series. While we've seen Ronan on previous missions, I enjoyed getting past the barriers he'd built around his heart, and watching as he infuriated himself trying to break through Zephyr's own misgivings.

Their banter throughout the book was second only, in my mind, to the verbal slaps we often hear between my (yep, claimed) dear Ryker and Wren. In fact, it'd be no stretch to say that Zephyr is definitely a new favorite character of mine.

The true mark of a good novel is the emotional ride it pulls you through, and there was no shortage of that here. I laughed, cringed in sympathy, and cried more than once. Though the heroes featured in these novels often toe the line when it comes to their missions, it was a whole new level when Ronan felt he had to stand between the woman he was falling for and his brothers-in-arms.

Ashley 0214

Ronan is a bit tough on himself however he still finds the strength and confidence to do what is right.