Rogue Officer

Rogue Officer

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Series: Gone Rogue (#2)

Tropes: Bodyguard Romance, Fake Relationship, Deaf Hero, Amputee Hero, Mental Health, Secret Identity, Human Trafficking, Cinderella Heroine, Found Family

I was CIA elite. Until a terrorist attack stole my arm and most of my hearing. I don’t know what my old boss, Austin Pritchard, is thinking, hiring a broken relic like me. But he trusts me, and that kind of loyalty is a balm to my shattered self-worth.

Sloane is more beautiful than pictures can show, and bruised in ways that can’t easily be seen. No one has told her I’m her bodyguard, but someone better clue her in soon, because she’s spooked. And the longer I watch her, the more I 
need to protect her.

None of my unspeakable past bleeds through the images plastered across magazines, cosmetics aisles, and the internet. But now, even as I land the biggest job of my career, that past crawls out of the muck.

When you hide everything about who you are, it’s tough to trust anyone. Until six feet of gorgeousness puts his hard-muscled body between me and a nightmare. A nightmare that’s killed once. And if I don’t find it in my damaged heart to trust Griff, I’m next.


The Gone Rogue series is a spin-off from Patricia D. Eddy’s bestselling Away from Keyboard series. Each book can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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Customer Reviews

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I'm usually drawn in by the male narrators for Eddy's book, and while Sebastian York did a fantastic job bringing Griff to life... Lidia Dornet was an absolute goddess with Sloane's accent and inner fire. Both actors had an incredible way of bringing the raw emotion of these characters to life, and it made an already addictive read that much more enjoyable.

Original Review:

I was surprised by how much I loved Griff and Sloane, by how well-suited they were for one another. Their balance, the rhythm they found while playing at a relationship until finally realizing the truth of their feelings... it was an absolutely addictive read. And the tension! Even scenes that worked out far better than my cynical and paranoid mind expected still had such tension built into them that I was at the edge of my seat.

Ashley 0214

Since his last mission Griff has had a tough time getting his life back together especially physically. He gains more than his confidence it is well deserved