Rogue Operator

Rogue Operator

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Series: Gone Rogue (#5)

Tropes: Later in Life, Single Mom, Second Chance, Love at First Sight, Multicultural Romance, Kidnapping, Found Family


Do the job. Free the high-value target from a compound in Afghanistan and get out. Simple, right? Until I saw her. She begged me for help. I didn’t think. Grabbed her and her kid and ran. FUBAR didn’t even come close to covering what happened next.

And then…I disappeared. It doesn’t matter that I had no choice. That the President of the United States ordered me to “do the job.” I still abandoned them. When she’s in trouble, I can’t stay away. But how can I convince her my darkness will destroy her?


I lived a nightmare for ten years. Cut off from my family, constantly afraid, and unable to escape. My only joy came from my son. His father wanted to turn him into a killer. But then a man stole into our compound in the middle of the night to free another and became our salvation.

He disappeared before we had a chance at something…more. But when a new threat comes for my son, he returns, and suddenly, I realize the truth. I’ve loved him for three years. But will we survive long enough to find our happy ever after? Or will the country that nearly killed me finally finish the job?


The Gone Rogue series is a spin-off from Patricia D. Eddy’s bestselling Away from Keyboard series. Each book can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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Customer Reviews

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Brenda Hojonski
Action-packed Love Story

Patricia does it again with a heart pounding suspense romance that you just can't put down. Nomar and Lizette love each other after Nomar saved her, but an assignment keeps him away. A photo is released and Lizette is in danger, bringing Nomar back to her door.

You will love this story as details of their lives are revealed and friends become family with a little boy who saves the day with a soccer kick.

After reading this book, I got to listen to the audiobook. Sensational! Complete with accents that make the story feel real and both narrators made this book come to life so much, it was hard to turn it off when life happened.

Ashley 0214

Mission was supposed to be simple until he discovered someone else needing his help. Somehow he's able to pull it off you will have to wait and see how.