Rogue Survivor

Rogue Survivor

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Series: Gone Rogue (#3)

Tropes: Later in Life, Single Mom, Texas Romance, Flirting, Damaged Hero

After a beating that almost killed me, I’m one failed fitness test away from losing my FBI career. I should be focused on grinding out the reps to rebuild my broken body. Not on the pretty brunette at the gym.

Sparkling brown eyes, a laugh like birdsong, and curves for days. I never thought a beauty like her would notice a busted-up guy like me. But she does. And for the first time in months, she makes me relax. Smile. Want.

I nicknamed him Hercules. The tall drink of water who does epic workouts while I slog it out on the treadmill. No way he’d notice an overworked mom of a seventeen-year-old. But he does.

We’re barely past coffee dates and kisses when my daughter digs too deep for a school newspaper article. Suddenly that bubble of protection I’ve built is shattered—but the circle of Connor’s muscular arms is big enough for us both.

But will he be strong enough when danger tries to silence us all—permanently?


The Gone Rogue series is a spin-off from Patricia D. Eddy’s bestselling Away from Keyboard series. Each book can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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