By Lethal Force

By Lethal Force

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Series: Away From Keyboard (#5)

Tropes: Second Chance, Later in Life, Kidnapping, Human Trafficking, Found Family

Misunderstandings didn’t end things between me and Ford, my granite teddy bear of a marine. His silence sent me running from his arms—straight into a nightmare. After that, I was little more than a statistic. Too broken for anyone to love. Least of all, myself.

Disappearing from his life was the best choice. The 
only choice. Until, twenty years later, I’m being held hostage, and there’s one name my soul cries out for. But even if Ford could find me, the woman I’ve become is beyond rescue.

I’ve spent two decades trying to forget her. First as a marine, then as co-owner of Second Sight, one of the world’s elite investigative and security firms. Nothing fills the void Joey left behind. Until one phone call upends my world.

Nothing will stop me from bringing Joey home alive and safe. Whole? That’s another mission that’s nothing but a minefield. We’re not even close to home free—because her kidnapper isn’t a man who likes to lose. And he’ll do anything to exact revenge.

Warning: This book contains dark themes, including references to human trafficking, sexual assault, and self-harm. While there are no graphic descriptions of sexual violence, sensitive readers should be aware of these themes before purchasing.


All books in the Away From Keyboard series are standalones, but past characters make appearances in later books!

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Customer Reviews

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Audiobook Review:

Aiden Snow will forever be the voice of the AFK men in my mind, but in By Lethal Force, Grace Grant is an absolute star with her ability to switch between accents. She truly brought Joey's situation, emotional inflection and strength fighting against fear to the surface.

And hearing Snow's slow, steady baratone as he read the last bit of the epilogue brought tears to my eyes.

This was another throughly enjoyable escape via audio.

Original Review:

I started this series with book three, went back to read the first two, then reread them all before book four came out. While these can all be standalone novels, the writing deserves a proper read through from the very beginning.

I found it thrilling to know that these events were basically overlapping with the events of the previous book, as if we were privy to something that the characters within didn't know.

What I love most about the Away From Keyboard series is that the author makes broken come across so beautifully. Joey and Ford are both so fractured from their pasts, and their individual stubbornness prevents thfinding solace in each other for twenty long years. Like every previous book, Eddy has found a way to present PTSD and the lingering scars of the past in a way that maybe the reader can't directly step into, but can easily find common ground with.

I love that previous characters are dropped into conversation from time to time (especially Ryker!) ... and that ending... Let me just say, September can't come quick enough, I've already pre-ordered the next.

This book didn't disappoint, and I'm sitting on the edge waiting to see where the next book leads.

Ashley 0214
What a Hunk

Ford's story is absolutely amazing. I love that he was able to push through his
struggles and get to the woman that he loved.