Fighting For Valor

Fighting For Valor

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Series: Away From Keyboard (#6)

Tropes: Damaged Hero, Brainwashing, Mental Health, Secret Identity, Government Cover-up, Found Family

val·orgreat bravery in the face of danger, especially in battle

I was trained to protect the innocent, free the oppressed. Then I lost everything. My team. My honor. Even my name. Six years of brainwashing and torture made me forget all of it.

But my team—my brothers—came back for me. Helped me remember who I was. Now I’m trying to rebuild something resembling a life from pieces too broken to fit back together. Until one night, a woman rescues me from a nightmare. A woman who gives me a shot at reclaiming who I was.

All it took was one overheard conversation to turn me from a nobody JSOC chef with a broken brain into a fugitive. If anyone recognizes me—or if Seattle’s black market for my meds dries up—I’m dead.

Then I find 
him. Deep-blue eyes. Gruff, but sweet. So haunted by his past, he can’t sleep unless he’s out in the open. Together, maybe we can fill the holes in each other’s souls. If my secrets don’t catch up with me—and tear everything apart.

WARNING: This book contains scenes of torture and implied sexual violence that may be disturbing to sensitive readers.


All books in the Away From Keyboard series are standalones, but past characters make appearances in later books!

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Customer Reviews

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Audiobook Review:

Aiden Snow as Ripper (and Ryker, and Dax) and Grace Grant as Cara truly brought this emotional journey to life.

I've read and loved this book several times, and it's so much more than Ripper's story - it's a story of the healing that he, Ry and Dax find in truly saving one another. Never backing down from the heartache. Finding beauty in what's broken.

These two narrators capture every moment of the suspense that Patricia Eddy writes so well, and I'd highly recommend letting yourself escape, not only into this book, but into the series as a whole. The steam, the action, and the love - within couples, yes, but within this tight-knit family of special forces and tech geniuses - is so uplifting and enchanting that you'll want to get lost time and time again.

Original review:

I am so emotionally spent right now. This book was so much more than I was expecting when we learned that Ripper was alive at the end of the last book. I was also pleasantly surprised that we saw other POVs in this story, because Ripper's redemption truly felt like it was so intertwined with Dax and Ry that we needed to see inside their heads too. (Plus, Ry's still my #1, so I'm always happy to see more of him!)

Every time a new book in this series is released, I go back and read them all from the beginning. Each time, I come away just utterly amazed at the flaws, strength and beauty woven into each of the characters Eddy creates. This book had me on the edge of my seat (and, admittedly in tears for a great deal of it) from start to finish, and I cannot wait for the next story she shares with us.

Ashley 0214

Ripple is a very strong individual his perseverance can not be measured. I'm so very happy that he was able to continue to move forward no matter what he experienced. Never give up.