Storm of Sin

Storm of Sin

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Series: Sinful Seductions (#1)

Tropes: Angel/Demon with a human, Chosen one, Suspense, Ensemble cast, Secret identity, Amnesia

My crimes are legion. My sentence eternal.

Hell fractured my soul into dust and left me broken, yet I deserved so much worse.
Finally free from Lucifer’s torment, I must atone.
But the lives I took and the pain I caused haunt me every day.
Half angel, half demon, but nowhere near whole.
Until I meet 
I should not want Zoe Dawes, but she whispers her desires in my dreams and chases away my nightmares.
When an ancient evil returns, only I can stop him. But if I do, I risk losing everything—including the woman who reminds me what it is to feel. To live.
Zoe is mine. And nothing will keep us apart.

I work for the Bureau of the Occult and the Other. Zoe is my partner.
My name is Sinclair.
But you can call me 


Storm of Sin is the first book in the Sinful Seductions series. It's a standalone. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I expected to love this, knowing that Patricia Eddy has a way of creating sinfully (yep, I said it) delicious paranormals alongside a heavy dose of intrigue in every novel of hers that I've read. It certainly didn't disappoint.

When Zoe - the first human to be brought onto a supernatural police force - gets thrown into working alongside a demon named Sin, his attitude and arrogance towards her seem misplaced and counterproductive to the case that's tossed at their feet. Little do either of them know that the secrets of their separate pasts will collide with the horror they fight to eradicate before it takes over their city - and lives. The mysteries littered throughout the novel make it a very suspenseful read that'll be hard to put down, with a satisfying ending to cap off that journey.

Brayzen Bookwyrm
Sinfully Wonderful Love Story

I 100% chose Storm of Sin by Patricia D Eddy because of the book cover and the narrators for the audiobook. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. The storyline is gripping and fast paced, the characters are amazing, and the narrators are beyond perfect.

Eddy created a love story with solid elements of suspense and an unusual take on a second chance romance. It’s PNR (paranormal romance) as PNR is meant to be—perfectly balanced on the line of reality and "the other", with serious steam, deep emotional connections, and well-timed and intentional humor. The tension created as Zoe and Sin navigate their feelings for each other is rich and impassioned, showcasing their strong, independent characteristics as well as their desires to work together for a common cause.

Zoe and Sin are developed as much through their own actions as their interactions with each other and a well-thought-out cast of supporting characters. Eddy’s side characters drew me in and beautifully enhanced the nuances of the MCs personalities. I love two of them so much, I grabbed Wicked Omens before I had even finished Storm of Sin.

As for the audiobook, it is wickedly intense and enthralling. Jason Clarke and Maxine Mitchell bring Sin and Zoe to breathtaking life with flawless timing, fantastic inflection, and a talent for voicing side characters (and the other main character) that left me wondering if it was actually them at all. This is an audiobook I will definitely listen to again. And probably again again.