Storm of Sin

Storm of Sin

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Series: Sinful Seductions (#1)

Tropes: Angel/Demon with a human, Chosen one, Suspense, Ensemble cast, Secret identity, Amnesia

My crimes are legion. My sentence eternal.

Hell fractured my soul into dust and left me broken, yet I deserved so much worse.
Finally free from Lucifer’s torment, I must atone.
But the lives I took and the pain I caused haunt me every day.
Half angel, half demon, but nowhere near whole.
Until I meet 
I should not want Zoe Dawes, but she whispers her desires in my dreams and chases away my nightmares.
When an ancient evil returns, only I can stop him. But if I do, I risk losing everything—including the woman who reminds me what it is to feel. To live.
Zoe is mine. And nothing will keep us apart.

I work for the Bureau of the Occult and the Other. Zoe is my partner.
My name is Sinclair.
But you can call me 


Storm of Sin is the first book in the Sinful Seductions series. It's a standalone. 

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