A Shift in the Air

A Shift in the Air

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Series: Elemental Shifter (#2)

Tropes: Werewolf, Beta Wolf, Fated Mates, Amnesia, Secret Identity, Elemental Magic, The Chosen One, Kidnapping, Found Family

What if you had a second chance?

For love? For happiness? To find your mate?

Eleven years ago, Liam lost his one true mate.

Bound by magic, Caitlin had no choice but to disappear and make everyone think she was dead.

When she reappears with only fractured memories and haunted dreams, Liam's wolf asserts his claim, but the man? He has more questions than answers.

When magic comes for Caitlin again, will she be strong enough to fight for herself and the wolf she loves? Or will she lose her battle, her mate, and her life?


A Shift in the Air is the second book in the Elemental Shifter series. All four books should be read in order.

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Customer Reviews

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This was such an emotional story. I loved meeting Cade and Mara in book one of the Elemental Shifter series, and was happy to see that Shift in the Air didn't pivot away from the characters we'd come to love, but instead simply folded them all in together.

In Water, Mara's health kept us on the edge for almost the entirety of the story. Air was no less of a heart-clenching tale, with Caitlin desperately trying to free herself from the elemental who'd bound her - and her magic - while coping with the pull she feels for Liam, her long-time love who'd thought her dead. Not only was their struggle a major mystery - how could she free herself from Fergus's hold over her element, over her? - but we were treated to a much larger threat to this supernatural world that Eddy created.

My favorite part of the book was that, despite being surrounded by a slew of alpha (literally!) males, the spotlight and action were shared equally between them and their mates. The women, despite whatever ailments or shortcomings when compared to the strong shifters, held their own and had an equal voice in both the Pack and the planning. This is something I've come to love about all of Eddy's work, but especially in a genre that is often overcome by stereotypical male dominance.

I'd absolutely recommend this book for a read, and while I suppose it could be enjoyed on its own, I'd definitely recommend delving into A Shift in the Water first. Air didn't end in a cliffhanger, per se, but there was certain threat hanging over our pack that makes it reassuring to know that the series is complete.