A Shift in the Earth

A Shift in the Earth

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Series: Elemental Shifter (#3)

Tropes: Werewolf, Female Alpha, Fated Mates, Amnesia, Secret Identity, Elemental Magic, Kidnapping, Found Family

Farren should have died. Instead, she lost everything.

As the only female to ever lead, she feels the pressure every day. To be more.

A demented group of witches is after the only family she has left, and she'll do anything to keep them safe.

She shouldn’t trust anyone. Especially not a mysterious—and sexy—man who shows up at her P.I. office looking for the silver wolf.

Eli’s full of secrets he doesn’t know he keeps, and Farren’s going to figure them out. Because he’s more than just a case. He’s her mate.

If Farren can’t protect him, her life is over. But can a broken woman find her strength before it’s too late? Or will she lose Eli forever?


A Shift in the Earth is the third book in the Elemental Shifter series. All four books should be read in order.

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Customer Reviews

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Audiobook Review:

Narrated by Sophie Daniels as fierce alpha female Farren and Richard Sawyer as her mate Eli, the third book in the Elemental Shifter series made for a fantastic backdrop to this week's workload. Their abilities to differentiate between the various characters without missing a beat or confusing the listener is amazing, especially with the number of varying accents throughout. They truly brought the action to life, and further convince me that the narrators that Patricia Eddy chooses for her books are the absolute gold standard in audiobooks, no question.

Original review:

I enjoyed the bit of role reversal we saw in this book.

While so many of Patricia's female characters are every bit the unstoppable force that her males tend to be, it isn't often that we find one as commanding as our female alpha, Farren. The small glimpse we caught of her in Air promised she'd be a intriguing feature in her own book, and with the devastating events of that book's ending, I was curious how she would balance her leadership with the overbearing sense of guilt she faced over their losses.

Eli made for a fitting counterpart. He wasn't meek by any means, but his need to determine what - and who - he was, and how it related to the puzzle surrounding the elementals, provided Farren both the (steamy) distraction she needed to shift her focus and an opportunity to fix the pieces inside her that needed mending.

I loved that, while there was a definite focus on the hesitant relationship between Farren and Eli, a great deal of the book dealt with the story that's been building since A Shift in the Water. I enjoyed the dynamics of the two closely-related packs finding their footing with one another, and I'll admit that one of the new characters added is now definitely ranked as one of my favorites of the series. (Please, let us see more of Regulus in the final book!)

This isn't a standalone in any way, and with that cliffhanger we were left reeling from, I'm desperate to see how this fight will come to its end. Another fantastic novel from Patricia Eddy.