Braving His Past

Braving His Past

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Narrated by: Greg Boudreaux and Tim Paige

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Series: Away From Keyboard (#8)

Tropes: M/M Romance, Strangers to Lovers, Agoraphobic Hero, Recovery From Abuse, Stalker, Found Family

Everyone has secrets. Mine can trigger flashbacks, all because a someone decided one innocent kiss—with a man—deserved a beating that ended my Coast Guard career. Five years later, the Hidden Agenda team accepts me, but sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever feel something other than broken.

Until a voice in the darkness pleads for help, and its owner’s haunted, scared face won’t let me just walk away.

Being alone is the price I pay for my safety. All because my ex-lover turned out to be a monster. A year after I went into hiding, my body is as healed as it will ever be, such as it is. My mind? That’s another story.

Then Graham shows up, and keeps showing up. For the first time in forever, I want the sun on my face again. But our first hesitant steps toward healing could be the wrong move that leads danger right to my door.

WarningBraving His Past features some sensitive themes, including recovery from sexual assault.


All books in the Away From Keyboard series are standalones, but past characters make appearances in later books!

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