Elemental Shifter Special Edition Box Set

Elemental Shifter Special Edition Box Set

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These special edition, matte finish covers will look stunning on your bookshelves. This exclusive box set is only available through Beautifully Broken Romance. 

You'll receive all four books in the Elemental Shifter Series. 

A Shift in the Water

Fate threw them together. Can love keep them alive?

As a mysterious illness drags her closer to death, Mara is drawn to the water for one last swim. One last chance to feel…free. 

She’s ready for the end. Until she finds a dying wolf hiding in the trunk of her car. 

Caring for him gives her a purpose in her final days. 

Until one night, everything changes. 

The naked man in her bed should terrify her. He’s broken. Tortured for so long, he forgot he was anything more than an animal. 

As he heals, Cade shows her a world she never imagined. One with magic—and werewolves—and true love to last a lifetime. 

Until the elemental hunting him makes Mara the pawn in a deadly game. One that might change the course of the world…forever.  

A Shift in the Air

There’s nothing more dangerous than a wolf who’s lost everything. 
Liam mourned his mate for eleven years. Until Caitlin showed up at his construction site with no memory of him or their brief—but passionate—time together. 

One kiss, and she can’t walk away. 

She’s bound by a force she can’t control, a dark magic that hungers for power only she can provide. Wanting is dangerous. Remembering could be deadly. 

When her past catches up to her and Liam disappears, Caitlin must choose. Does she surrender? Or trust that love is the most powerful magic of all?

A Shift in the Earth

A female alpha is nothing without her pack.

Farren should be dead—but survival came at a price. A demented group of practitioners slaughtered half her pack, and they’re determined to finish the job. 

Not on her watch. 

She’ll do anything to keep them safe. Even trust the mysterious—and sexy—man who showed up at her P.I. office looking for “the silver wolf.” 

Eli is full of secrets he doesn’t know he keeps, and Farren’s going to figure them out. Because he’s more than just a case. 

He’s her mate.

She’ll protect him or die trying. Can a broken woman find the strength to trust again? Or will Eli’s secrets—and her pride—doom their love forever?

A Shift in Fire

His pack—and his life—are falling apart. 

Scarred, broken, and about to lose the only family he’s ever known, Peter is ready to run. If only he could. 

His alpha’s pregnant mate was taken, and time is running out to find Mara—and the baby—before they’re used as pawns in a deadly game. 

Hope is in short supply. Until Peter makes a startling discovery.

They stole her life. She never expected to get it back.  

Sameen spent so long in the dark, she forgot what it was to see. Magic holds her prisoner, the sigil burned into her side a danger to everyone. 

The touch of her mate brings a comfort she’s never known. But she’s not strong enough to fight alone. With Peter, his pack, and a hell of a lot of luck on their side, maybe…just maybe…they’ll save the world. 


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