Guarding His Heart

Guarding His Heart

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Series: Away From Keyboard (#12)

Tropes: Grumpy Grumpy, Reclusive Heroine, Island Rescue, Witness Protection, Reluctant Romance, Kidnapping, Found Family

I was Air Force Pararescue. Until a helo crash ended my career. I lost everything. Including myself. Then a scarred, broken man offered me a job.
It’s illegal, irresponsible, and dangerous.
Those I treat can’t go to the hospital. Or the authorities. I don’t ask questions. Don’t get close. It’s a lonely existence.
I find solace in camping trips to an island few people ever see.
The resort’s caretaker has a story she doesn’t want to share. Fine by me. Or…is it?
Saving her is second nature. Caring for her is risky.
She’s being hunted. So I break my only rule and let someone in. 

The men I served with broke every oath I hold dear. Testifying cost me my career, my family, and any hope of a normal life. 
They went to jail, and I ran. 
They weren’t supposed to get out. 
This tiny island is my sanctuary. Until one of them tracks me down. 
Doc almost dies saving me, and I lose a piece of my heart to him in the process. 
He says he knows people who can help keep me safe. But he’s wrong. No one can stop a corrupt Ranger team out for revenge. 
Or…can they?

All books in the Away From Keyboard series are standalones, but past characters make appearances in later books!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Fleur W
Two guarded hearts

Wowzers I was drawn in from the get go with what Nat witnesses and the fall out from it and to be honest the tension is pretty high from the start as well as with it kicking into full gear when after 8 years the past comes knocking. I really hope we get to see more of Glady's as I think she is my idol now lol
Doc and Nat are flawed and I love that for them and I think they may be my new favourite couple ..... although seeing the gang and especially Ryker, Wren and little miss it might be a tie for top place!

Brenda Hojonski
Action-packed Love Story

Doc gets his happily ever after as we get to look into the mysterious doctor that patches the team up. I love Nat so much for Doc! Two broken people getting together and working through their things, mostly, together as only Patrica Eddy can do. We get the see the team in action yet again in this thriller roller coaster ride that makes me want to be a part of this team in every book. They may be beautifully broken, but they are strong in themselves and unbeatable together.

Can't put it down

As I continue meeting the members of Hidden Agenda and Second Sight, each story affects me differently. (this is the 12th book in the series, 18th is you are reading with her Rogue series) The one constant from book to book is I can’t put them down till I’m done.
Guarding His Heart is the unexpected love story of Doc, a recovering alcoholic and Nat, on the run for the past 8 years; both who believe they will live out their lives alone.
Patricia’s books always have such well-timed banter injected with just the right amount of humor. But this time around she kicked it up a notch with the incomparable 82-year-old Gladys, who I hope we get to see again very soon. To say the least, I can’t wait to see what and who’s next.

Charmaine Pennington
The story I’ve been waiting for!

I was so ready to read Doc’s story! The blurb for Guarding His Heart drew me in before I even had my hands on the book. I have always been curious about Doc. He has been a background character that I’ve wanted to know more about. I felt that he had a story that needed to be told.

Doc has been an enigma and has done his best to not connect to anyone. He appeared out of nowhere when he was needed, did his job, and then disappeared. Natasha’s circumstances forced her to live the same way. Imagine living on the run and constantly looking over your shoulder. As their pasts come out, you understand the choices they made and continue to make.

I love the buildup between Doc and Natasha. Her initial attraction to him was so immediate, and Gladys fanned those flames with her sassy words. The description of him had me a little hot and bothered myself. He played cool and tried hard not to be affected by her. The draw between them is palpable, and you can feel it. I appreciate that Patricia portrayed Doc and Natasha in an honest way with intimacy. Their physical connection was hot and spicy and wasn’t less because they’re older.

Gladys is someone everyone needs in their life. She’s grounded and real, and the plot wouldn’t have been the same without her. She is what I aspire to when I’m that age. Her lines are hilarious, and Patricia must have loved creating this sassy octogenarian. The banter she has with everyone is the best!

The constant theme of finding family is one of the reasons I enjoy this series. Anyone familiar with this series knows that Hidden Agenda takes care of its own. Doc and Natasha found love and a family to share their lives with.

Jocelyne Germain
Outstanding Series!

This is book 12 in the outstanding Away From Keyboard Series, a Romantic Suspense/Military Romance. Doc and Natasha's story is entertaining, and suspenseful, filled with danger, action, and twists and turns. Doc is very handsome, protective, and supportive. Natasha is beautiful, smart, strong, and capable. They are perfect together. It was amazing to see again the characters from the first books in the series. I love these characters! Looking forward to listening to the audiobook version. I HIGHLY recommend this series.