In His Collar

In His Collar

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Series: Restrained (#4)

Tropes: BDSM, Dom/sub, Fish out of water, Opposites attract, Kidnapping, Trafficking, Mafia ties, Disgraced hero, He falls first

Control is an art form.

Nick Fairhaven had it all. Until grief—and his gambling addiction—destroyed him.

He lost his company, his reputation, even his brother's trust.

With his eighteen-month chip in hand, he lets a friend drag him out to a BDSM club on the one night he'd much rather wallow in his misery at home. The only bright light in his evening?

The club's beautiful bartender, Sofia.

Nick shouldn't pursue her, but Sofia has the power to mend his shattered soul.

When Nick interrupts a would-be-kidnapping, he should have been hailed as a hero. Instead, he ends up with a target on his back. One that could claim his Sofia as well.

Discredited, disowned, and with only the Italian Mob in his corner, Nick will risk everything for the woman he loves. Because if he doesn't get to her in time, more than one life will be lost.


In His Collar is the fourth and final book in the Restrained series. It can be read as a standalone. 

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