In His Silks

In His Silks

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Series: Restrained (#1)

Tropes: BDSM, Dom/sub, Opposites attract, Cinderella story, Billionaire, British hero, Christmas, He falls first

Elizabeth Bennett doesn’t get into cars with strange men. But when she’s abruptly fired from her accounting job, she blames the shock—and the pouring rain—for accepting a ride from a stranger. Who happens to be the richest man on the East Coast. His touch soothes the scars on her soul that have long protected her from the pain of her past.

Alexander Fairhaven never thought the rarest creature on earth would land in a rain puddle at his feet. A woman with fire and intelligence, spirit and backbone. A woman who has no idea she’s the perfect sub for him. Claiming her surrender will be the most delicate—and pleasurable—negotiation he’s ever undertaken.

But his eyes aren’t the only ones following her. The real reason she was sacked—for discovering a powerful client’s numbers didn’t add up—could make them both targets for elimination. 

Caution: This sexy BDSM romance will cause an uncontrollable urge to read hot scenes of bondage, spanking, and mind-shattering orgasms.


In His Silks is the first book in the Restrained series. It can be read as a standalone. 

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Customer Reviews

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Full disclosure: that other, very popular, quasi-BDSM/billionaire book that everyone's read is basically the extent of my experience in this genre. Did I enjoy it? Sure. Was it fluffy? You bet. Zero substance, a lack of connection between the characters and each other, and the characters and the reader.

Everything that's wrong in that other series is absolute perfection here.

First off, having read one of my favorite novellas from Eddy - Mistletoe and Mochas - many times, and catching a glimpse there of Alexander and Elizabeth later on in their relationship, it was a joy to be introduced to this couple's roots. Alexander exudes confidence in all the ways that Elizabeth lacks, and provides her the much-needed stability during a time when her life appears to be falling apart from all sides. She, too, complements him in ways he's only ever dreamed of, and watching him gravitate towards her made a compelling backdrop to an otherwise rather suspenseful story.

Their interactions felt not only extremely realistic - which is completely unsurprising if you've read *anything* from this author - but were incredibly hot. Again, no surprise. Everything about the story, from the romance and steam, to the action of Elizabeth's ongoing troubles, made for a fast-paced and thrilling read that I hated putting down. Definitely recommend.

Ashley 0214
Hot Hot Hot

I was really surprised by this genre I really enjoyed it I love to reread it and listen to it via audiobook.