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Series: Immortal Protectors (#1)

Tropes: Vampires, Fae, Fated Mates, Strong heroine, Kidnapping, Torture, He falls first, Chosen one

Vampires don’t have one true enemy. They have a hundred. But Stefan’s hatred of demons was forged by a century of torture at Lucifer’s hand. All because a Lepidan - a beautiful, winged creature with no conscience - consigned him to hell. His escape is the stuff of legends. As is his hatred of all demon-spawn. So, of course, when he follows a mysterious map to the mountains outside Stuttgart, what does he find? A Lepidan.

Caged in iron, tortured, and near death. Now he has to keep the stunning, injured Lepidan safe until he can find out why the Hellion is after her. If that weren’t enough for one day, the Divine keeps whispering in his ear, "You’re hers...."

In this dark, sexy prequel to the upcoming Immortal Protectors series, you’ll meet one hot, alpha vampire and the winged spitfire who captures his heart as they fight to protect the world from certain destruction. And try not to f--k one another blind.


Kryn is the first book in the Immortal Protectors series. 

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