Second Sight

Second Sight

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Series: Away From Keyboard (#4)

Tropes: Grumpy Sunshine, Blind Hero, Bodyguard Romance, Stalker, Found Family

I started Boston’s top security firm, but only a fool would entrust their safety to a blind man. Even if I am—was—Special Forces. But that’s exactly what happens when my business partner’s emergency rescue mission leaves us shorthanded.

Now, software genius Evianna Archer’s life depends on my hair-trigger instincts. To my damaged eyes, she’s all freesia-scented curves, and her touch reminds me of everything a man like me—damaged inside and out—doesn’t deserve.

Firing a key employee so close to the launch of my new home security program was risky. But who knew the guy would turn psycho? The last thing I need is a bodyguard underfoot, especially one as distracting as Dax. Towering, broody, and scarred inside and out, he’s determined to keep me safe. And at a distance.

With my life in chaos, Dax is everything I shouldn’t want. Shouldn’t need. But as the danger mounts, he proves he’s someone I can trust with my body, heart, and soul. The trick will be surviving long enough to reprogram his broken self-image—and prove to him he’s worthy of love.


All books in the Away From Keyboard series are standalones, but past characters make appearances in later books!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Charmaine Pennington
Love this story so much!

I was looking forward to Dax’s story long before I got my hands on Second Sight. The story was as much about Dax reconnecting with his closest friend Ryker as his HEA with Evianna. It was satisfying to read how his relationships with those he needs and loves all worked out.

Dax is not known for his softer side, but he has legitimate reasons to avoid emotional attachments. His time in captivity left him blind and emotionally impaired. The people who care about him hold him accountable but understand that he is who he is. Evianna wanted more from him and felt that it was worth the risk to push him.

Evianna and Dax’s connection, rocky at first, developed quickly because they ended up relying on each other. She brought out the protective nature he’s hidden because of his past. He needed her willingness to adapt to the needs of his life as a blind man.

Patricia Eddy did an incredible job of letting us into Dax’s world. She let him show that love can be expressed through memories, touch, and honest communication.

A thrilling and suspenseful ride.

Second Sight is a thrilling romantic suspense as we follow Dax a friend and brother-in-arms, to Ryker (On His Six) and Evianna the CIO of an up-and-coming tech company. When she has to fire a coder in her company for a breach of their NDA her world turns topsy-turvy, and she needs protection. Second Sight will protect her, even though she and one of the owners didn’t hit it off at first. Once Dax and Evianna are in proximity to each other the sparks start to fly.

The Away From the Keyboard series just keeps getting better and better. Each story in this series builds off of the one before. This is a stand-alone story, but to truly appreciate the relationship between Dax and Ryker, I suggest reading On His Six first. The suspense had me on the edge of my seat and holding my breath. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop from an antagonistic beginning to hot and steamy. I loved what Dax was able to accomplish despite being blind. His story broke my heart and I’m so happy to see him get his HEA. Seeing Ryker come to terms with their friendship was also wonderful. I can’t wait to see what happens next with these men and women.

Once again I couldn't put this book down

Once again I couldn't put this book down til I was finished. Learning Dax's side of the story was a good way to fill in the gaps from Ryker's story. Dax didn't quite take Ry's place in my heart as my favorite, but the HEA story between Dax and Evianna was just as entertaining and kept me glued to my seat. Once again I am so glad to be reading this series in order, so I can learn everyone's stories.


Wow! Amazing book! I had so many feeling going through me while reading it. Fear for the characters, joy, sadness and pride.

Dax is a very beautifully broken man. He survived hell. He is very strong. Evianna is a very capable, intelligent, strong and brave woman.
Every time Dax called her "darling’", I melted more and more. He was hooked almost from the start. Evianna quitened his demons. He showed her, that life is not only about work. They are made for each other.

The author did amazing job of describing experiences of a blind man.

Overall I loved this book very much. If you’re a fan of romantic suspense, then you’re in for a delectable treat.


Audiobook Review:

This is an emotional book to read, by the simple nature of who Dax is and how he navigates the world, his company, his relationships following the loss of his sight. As an audiobook, it's a true journey.

Aiden Snow managed to perfectly capture the raw emotion in so many of the situations throughout the book that, despite my multi-tasking, I found myself brought to tears repeatedly.

As Evianna, Grace Grant brought her no-nonsense strength and unflinching devotion - to both her job and Dax - to the surface wonderfully.

I loved every minute of it.

Original Review:

After reading On His Six and seeing Hell through Ryker's memories, I knew that Dax's story would be heartwrenching. And it was, in all the right ways.

Dax was so, so very broken. I cried through his retelling of his time in Hell and losing his sight. I felt his discomfort in not being able to see how he came across to Evianna in their initial meeting.

Evianna makes for a perfect counterpart to Dax - strong, willful, intelligent and understanding. She steps into his world without knowing what he needs, and then rises to the challenge.

We saw past characters, but the story stood strong on its own. You don't need to have read the previous three books.... but do yourself a favor and read them anyhow.

This author has a way with storytelling that just pulls you in. When I pick up her books, I know that nothing useful will get done until her characters are done telling me their stories.

I look forward to the next, and (not so) secretly hope we still see a lot more of Ry and Dax as they both learn to heal.