Secrets in Blood
Secrets in Blood

Secrets in Blood

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Series: In Blood (#1)

Tropes: Vampires, Fated Mates, Strong heroine, Kidnapping, Torture, Religious zealots, He falls first, Chosen one

What makes us human?

Centuries old, the vampire never dreamed he’d meet his end in a silver cage. Or by a human’s hand.

After years of torture, he's ready to give up hope. Until he meets his torturer’s beautiful daughter.

Trapped in a life she didn’t choose, under her father’s control, Evangeline longs for escape. For freedom.

Until the vampire calls to her.

Will she risk everything to free him? Or will the secrets in her blood destroy them both?

Not all vampires are evil.

Not all humans are weak.

Love to last an eternity is within reach—if death doesn’t claim them first.


Secrets in Blood is the first book in the In Blood series. 

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Customer Reviews

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I've a particular fondness for her suspenseful romance, where some situation or forced proximity finds the two leads in the throes of a love they don't quite understand. Eva and Nic's relationship here was rather different, in that they created a bond so strong despite a separation over years... and it was lovely to watch as they found and fell for each other after such a time apart.

I enjoyed both main characters, loved the fierceness that Evangeline managed to hold onto despite her terrible unbringing. I'm hopeful that the direction of the story means we'll get further development into Nic and his life before. I'm eager to see how their relationship together, two strong, stubborn souls can weather the storm ahead.