Targets and True Love

Targets and True Love

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Series: Holidays and Heroes (#3)

Tropes: Amputee hero, Second chance romance, Trafficking, Kidnapping

On a freezing night in Afghanistan, a pretty nurse asked Sgt. First Class Terry Owens to hold her hand. Terry would have willingly given her more, but the next day, an IED sent his world up in flames—and took his leg.

Three years later, Terry charms rich donors for Rescue International, a non-profit that fights human trafficking. Unofficially, he helps the ops team running the traffickers down. One night at another boring fundraiser, he spots the nurse from that long-ago night, and she’s desperate for help.

Dana Michaels dropped everything to search for her missing teenage nephew. Out of options and short on hope, she empties her bank account for a fundraiser ticket, hoping to buttonhole Rescue International execs. She never expected to encounter the soldier she’d been forced to leave behind.

Terry offers to help in all the ways she hoped, and far more in ways she didn’t know she needed. The spark they felt at Bagram grows into a healing heat they only find in each other’s arms. But as the team gets closer to its goal, their quarry is getting nervous…and someone is going to pay the price.

Targets and True Love is the third book in the Holiday and Heroes series, but each book can be read as a complete standalone.


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Customer Reviews

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It was wonderful to finally see Terry again, after having only glimpsed him before in a previous story of hers... along with the one that got away.

Targets and True Love was fast-paced, intense and incredibly steamy. It also highlighted something that I don't think is touched upon often enough, but something that I, as the mother of a young boy, am all too aware of - trafficking isn't an industry that targets only women.

The action and ultimate resolution of the story, along with the blooming hope that comes along with the promise of a second chance, kept me riveted until the very end.

Ashley 0214

Terry's story is absolutely amazing knows he has challenges ahead of him yet he doesn't let that stop him.