Twisted Captive

Twisted Captive

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Series: Forever Wicked (#4)

Tropes: Dragon Shifter, Fae, Kidnapping, Rumpelstiltskin Retelling

Imprisoned by magic. Tortured. All hope gone.

As one of the outcasts, Aurelia has no power. No freedom. No chance for a better life.

Except for Roarke. The dragon shifter has spent a century unable to escape the Fae realm. Hiding. Denying everything he is.

Until the Fae King and his trickster son trap the woman he hoped would one day be his mate.

Locked away in the Fae's stone tower, Aurelia tries to resist the Prince's magic, but every day, she weakens.

Will her dragon shifter come to her aid? Or will she succumb to the Fae's dark temptation and lose herself forever?


Twisted Captive is the fourth book in the Forever Wicked series. All four books can be read as standalones.

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Customer Reviews

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Within a couple of pages, I was hooked - class wars, forbidden love, and overbearing fae had me riveted right off the bat.

Aurelia is the perfect heroine, fierce and hardworking, determined to protect those she loves even while oppressed by forces she can't hope to overcome. Roarke is the determined protector who must find a way to unlock the mystery that will not only save Aurelia, but their entire realm.

I loved seeing both points of view in the story, as Aurelia and Roarke both fought with everything they had to save themselves, and each other. I'd love to see more from this world - how did the King manage to create this realm, how did his guards come into his employ... what will happen to the realm following the events of this book?

If you're a fan of magic and love conquering all, I'd definitely recommend this for an evening's read.