Breaking His Code

Breaking His Code

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Series: Away From Keyboard (#1)

Tropes: Cinnamon Roll Hero, He Falls First, Friends to Lovers, Geek Romance

She doesn’t trust anyone. All he wants is someone who “gets” him.


I’d rather be elbows deep defusing a bomb than all up in anyone’s feels, but civilian life is messy—and all I’ve got since one slip almost sent me home from my last tour in a body bag. Now I debug lines of code by day. And spend my nights with West, a retired SEAL.

It’s not what you think.

We’re online gaming buddies. Geeking out and trash talking to our hearts’ content. Until he wants to meet up. I’m weak enough to say yes, though there’s something he has to understand. I guard my heart. And I trust no one.


Six years after leaving the teams, the cold-sweat nightmares are only getting worse. But gaming with Cam, a fellow vet with an irreverent mouth and the uncanny ability to quiet my demons is a welcome distraction from the lack of sleep and the fact that the latest fitness fads are killing my Krav Maga studio.

She claims she doesn’t do relationships, but one date with her and I’m on fire for more. When I’m forced to take on a risky rescue mission to save my dojo, she retreats back behind her keyboard—and her secrets. I’m willing to lay it all on the line to show her broken can be beautiful. But she has to show me her raw edges—and trust that my own are a perfect fit.


All books in the Away From Keyboard series are standalones, but past characters make appearances in later books!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
The long awaited event at last!

One pivotal event was a key event and was was a long-awaited event for this series and fans were waiting for it. I love that PED brought the “family” together for the novella for the "event" and told the story from many different perspectives. Looking forward to more stories. This kept me on the edge of my seat!

Drawn to the characters.

Audiobook Review:

I often find it difficult to listen to audiobooks that I haven't already read on the page, mostly because I find it difficult to lose myself to someone else reading a story. While I've read Breaking His Code a myriad of times, listening to Lisa and Kale bring Cam and West (along with all of the other side characters) to life was truly an experience. Their inflections and pacing carried the action of the story well, and I found it easy to ignore the world around me in favor of just getting lost in it.

Original Book Review:

I've read book three in this series, and it compelled me to pick it up from the beginning. Just as in the third book, I found myself drawn to the main characters who are both a little broken from their past experiences and come together beautifully when they finally bare themselves to each other - faults, flaws and all.

Cam is smart, strong and determined, but her past mistakes and time spent serving left her lonely and wounded, both of which haunt her. West, as her counterpart, so badly wants to fix what he sees broken - in her, in himself, and in other wounded people - but needs Cam's trust to finally get himself there.

It's a thrilling story with plenty of action, sexiness and a satisfying ending.

Monique Westwood
Couldn't put it down

I read this book a couple years ago. It was my first Patricia D Eddy book. I was immediately hooked and needed more!! I have recently listened to the audiobook and was reminded of the feelings that were involved with this story. Superbly portrayed, realistic characters that I want to hang out with.

Arna O'Neill
Breaking His Code

This was my first Patricia D. Eddy book. I loved it and went in search of more. Wes and Cam are very relatable "real people."

Jenny Gauthier
So good

I love west and can the give and take in their relationship is great. It is hard to put down like most of Patricia’s books . Camilla especially feels like a real person