Rogue Protector

Rogue Protector

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Narrated by: Sebastian York and Lidia Dornet

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Series: Gone Rogue (#1)

Tropes: Jungle Rescue, Disgraced Hero, Naive Heroine, Multicultural Romance, Muslim-raised Heroine, Poaching, Found Family 


Going AWOL was a stupid decision, especially since I was—was—at the pinnacle of my United States Air Force career. You know what? I’d do it again. My family needed me, and thanks to the skills I spent two decades honing, my sister and best friend are alive.

But my career? Over.

Hiking Mexico’s Maya Trail sounds like a good way to find out who Austin Pritchard, civilian, really is. Or get lost in the jungle. That’s where I find her. A beautiful botanist who’s everything I’m not. Optimistic, full of life, and on a mission to save the world. I’m drawn to her sweetness like a bee to the flowers she studies.

When her game-changing research puts her life in danger, I’m her only hope, the only one with the skills to save her. And I will. I have to. Because I need her like I need my next breath.


The Gone Rogue series is a spin-off from Patricia D. Eddy’s bestselling Away from Keyboard series. Each book can be enjoyed as a standalone.

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