A Shift in Fire

A Shift in Fire

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Series: Elemental Shifter (#4)

Tropes: Werewolf, Fated Mates, Amnesia, Secret Identity, Tortured Heroine, Elemental Magic, Kidnapping, Found Family

His pack is falling apart. Much like his life.

Peter hasn’t been the same since the fire. A scarred, broken wolf who can’t run, can’t fight, and can’t manage even the simplest conversation without coming across like an asshole.

Until he finds her.

She can’t speak. Can’t see. Can’t tell him where she came from. Branded with a sigil by the most vile group of practitioners ever to walk the earth, she could be a danger to everyone. Or…his pack's only hope for salvation.


A Shift in Fire is the fourth and final book in the Elemental Shifter series. All four books should be read in order.

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Customer Reviews

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Audiobook Review:

The narrators truly bring the emotion of the story to the surface. With so many accents littered throughout the action of the plot, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book brought to life.

As a side note, Richard Sawyer's voice for Regulus in both books just *screamed* Hugo Weaving in The Matrix. That was highly entertaining and yet perfectly fitting for the mysterious vampire.

Original review:

A Shift in Fire was such a fitting conclusion to the Elemental Shifter series. Since Cade's disappearance in book one, Peter has been a... difficult wolf (and man) for others to be around. He feels broken, especially so when surrounded by the pack members he knows were also tortured in various ways but came out the other side mostly whole. When he meets Sameen, who has been through an ordeal so painfully cruel she doesn't even know who she is anymore, he's eager to help save her. While I often found myself wanting to smack Peter for his sulliness and his inability to get past his own perceived failures, I found Sameen to be so quietly intriguing from the very start. In their struggle to find themselves, they find strength in each other... and though it's a very emotional journey, it's a pleasure to watch.

Finding beauty in what's broken is something Patricia Eddy does so very well, and this series is no exception. In each book, the characters have faced what has seemed like impossible odds, magic they couldn't imagine pitting themselves against... but finding endurance in themselves, a shield in those they love, and a constant, enduring strength in their pieced-together family gave them the chance they needed to survive.

I have loved this series from the very start, and though I'm sad to see it done... it really was such a perfect ending. I wasn't quite prepared for how emotional I'd be, especially with some of the final scenes, and it was definitely bittersweet saying goodbye to these characters. (I won't be upset if it isn't the last we see of any of them, that's for sure.)