A Shift in Fire

A Shift in Fire

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Narrated by: Richard Sawyer and Sophie Daniels

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Series: Elemental Shifter (#4)

Tropes: Werewolf, Fated Mates, Amnesia, Secret Identity, Tortured Heroine, Elemental Magic, Kidnapping, Found Family

His pack is falling apart. Much like his life.

Peter hasn’t been the same since the fire. A scarred, broken wolf who can’t run, can’t fight, and can’t manage even the simplest conversation without coming across like an asshole.

Until he finds her.

She can’t speak. Can’t see. Can’t tell him where she came from. Branded with a sigil by the most vile group of practitioners ever to walk the earth, she could be a danger to everyone. Or…his pack's only hope for salvation.


A Shift in Fire is the fourth and final book in the Elemental Shifter series. All four books should be read in order.

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