Love and Libations

Love and Libations

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Series: Holidays and Heroes (#2)

Tropes: Amputee hero, Love after abuse, Valentine's Day, Seattle romance, Second chance romance

Dreams never truly die.

Garrett's dreams could have ended with the loss of his leg. Yet he's behind the bar, working towards his own restaurant—and someone to share his life with.

Lilah forgot how to dream. Her abusive boyfriend trapped her in a life without a future.

Until a chance meeting with Garrett stirs a longing for more. But their timing couldn't be worse, and when Lilah winds up broken and alone a few days after Valentine's Day, she has to reclaim her dreams on her own.


Love and Libations is the second book in the Holiday and Heroes series, but each book can be read as a complete standalone.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This book was equal parts heartbreaking and uplifting. Eddy's ability to make her characters and their inner demons come across so realistically is an immediate draw into the story. There were parts of the story that, by design, were difficult to get through, but the journey that Lilah - and to a lesser extent, Garrett - takes is so inspiring, even to one who hasn't faced true abuse.

So many of us have heard that our dreams or goals don't matter. Maybe not even from the outside, but from that inner voice that pushes aside our own needs for others. This book served as a fantastic reminder that we are all good enough, that our dreams are good enough even when they don't appeal to others, and that there is always a strength somewhere deep within.

I enjoyed this quick read, and I loved the heat between Lilah and Garrett, right from the start.

Ashley 0214

Valentine's Day is my birthday. Love and libations it's the perfect getaway if you enjoy love and adventure. I have the audiobook, the physical book and ebook